Physio Control Lifepak CR2 USB – Fully Automatic Defibrillator




Part of the Stryker family, the Lifepak CR2 (USB) follows on from the now discontinued LIFEPAK CR Plus defibrillator range, the LIFEPAK CR2 USB provides users who don’t require 3G or WiFi capability with the option to still be heartsafe and act with confidence during a cardiac emergency. The Lifepak CR2 (USB) is the latest AED from Stryker, designed for users who don’t require 3G or WiFi capability. It is an advanced device that provides users with the confidence and ability to act during a cardiac emergency. It is an innovative design that ensures the fastest time to first shock, even by minimally trained responders. Key Product Features:
  • 8-Year Warranty
  • cprINSIGHT™ technology analyzes during CPR compressions
  • Fastest time to the first shock
  • ClearVoice™ Technology for clear and easy-to-hear instructions
  • Pads compatible with ambulance service defibrillators (also Lifepak)
  • Easiest to use, easiest to hear and highest in overall user confidence by AED users.
  • Follows on from the now-discontinued LIFEPAK CR Plus defibrillator range


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