Defibtech Lifeline VIEW Semi-Automatic Defibrillator




The Lifeline VIEW makes it easy for anyone—from first responders to untrained bystanders—to respond confidently and appropriately during an emergency. This revolutionary life-saving device combines a sleek, user-friendly design with military-grade specifications —including the most proven biphasic waveform. The Lifeline VIEW is a revolutionary life-saving device that makes it easy for anyone, from first responders to untrained bystanders, to respond confidently and appropriately during an emergency. It has a sleek, user-friendly design with military-grade specifications, including the most proven biphasic waveform. It’s also the first AED with a full-colour interactive display that shows step-by-step videos for CPR, rescue breathing and external defibrillation. Key Product Features:
  • The only AED with a full-colour display showing step-by-step videos for performing CPR
  • 8-Year Warranty
  • 4-Year Battery
  • Robust and easy-to-use
  • User-friendly design
  • Military-grade specifications
  • Proven biphasic waveform


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