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The global external defibrillators market size is anticipated to reach €6.5 billion by 2030. The market is expected to expand 9.3% from 2022 to 2030. The European marked is predicted to expand to 5.1 Billion by 2027. This is before the addition of this Eco Solar /Turbine Cabinet.

The 18 features of my unique Design and Invention are:

1. The Cabinet has three individual secured locked compartments. 1st is for the main storage area, this can be either locked or not locked 2nd is for the Solar Compartments, Batteries etc, the coordinator will have a unique heart shaped key to access this if needed. The 3rd is for cardiac/allergy medication such as Aspirin/ Disprin & Epi pen that an individual can administrate in a cardiac event or allergic Reaction IMMEDIATELY rather than waiting up to hours for help in rural areas. The code for this secure compartment is only given out by the 999 / 112 Ambulance Control at the time of the call.

2. This locked medical secure box is also designed and manufactured to recto fit most of the existing cabinets world wide.

3. The Roof of the Cabinet is sloped at 25 degrees, this will ensure no water will ever lodge on the roof /door top and freeze, otherwise freezing could occurred at this location causing the door to expand and the door would leak.

4. The reinforced movable bars and swivel devices will allow the attached solar panel and turbine to position and face the sun / wind no matter which way the cabinet is facing.

5. This Cabinet is fully insulated internally with a thin high spec insulated aluminium Vapour barrier, this will help maintain the Cabinet and 3 storage units warm in the cold and cool in the warm temperatures..

6. High Grade Diamond infrared reflective Front / Sides and top Stickers for information and Sponsorship Info, will aid to locate the cabinet in darkness, this will have coordinates as a location point where Eircode’s are not available.

7. An infrared bulb located on the top of the cabinet with infrared stickers will be seen from the air miles away, infrared allows emergency aircrafts to identify cabinets with night vision googles.

8. As an extra option a Sim call activation text can be sent to a designated number if box is opened or temperature drops below 4 degrees or higher than 25 degrees in the cabinet..

9. A unique Heart shaped Master Key will open any of the 3 locks.

10. The Unique 3mm - 5mm C-Lip design on the main Cabinet Shell, allows the door to closes inside this and forms a full seal. This will prevent water egress from high driving storm winds.

11. The forward sloped floor in the cabinet allows rain water to flow out of the cabinet, if the door is accidentally left open in an emergency.

12. The temperature devices is made up with two separate sensors one for a heat device and one for a cooling device, this ensures the cabinets internal Temperature is maintained between 4 & 25 degrees, this allows medication to be stored safely.

13. The Cabinet can also be stored anywhere even in total darkness such as in the car boot/ indoors or under a shaded tree, additional solar panel with protective mesh and turbine can be stand alone or fixed to walls /roofs or on the flat, 20 meters away from the cabinet.

14. The cabinet and stand both have two vents each to allow air to circulate inside the cabinet, two fly mesh’s placed on top of the vent will prevent insects dirt etc getting into the cabinet.

15. The curved drip edge on the base of the cabinet prevents water from flowing towards the air vents.

16. A unique cabinet stand with curved safety sides can be used to allow the cabinet and eco devices be installed on beaches, hills mountains etc with no other structure is in the vicinity to mount the cabinet, this stand divides in 3 sections to facilitate transport and carrying .

17. The stand anchor comes with three or four base arms ,the three arm design allows the stand to be installed tight to an existing building without disturbing the foundations.

18. The product is Irish, European & International patent pending for the Process, Design & Trademark.

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