About ME

When Climbing Croagh Patrick Mountain recently with my family I noticed that there were no Cabinets or Defibrillators on the mountain. There is no electric power on the Mountain, nor is there any power on greenways, mountains, hills, black ski runs, beaches, spire in Dublin etc. I came up with the idea of an Eco Solar - Wind powered insulated outdoor heated cabinet with a place to securely store lifesaving medication etc, This unique heated - cooled secure cabinet can be used to store anything from defibrillators, medication ,bandages, pedestrian counters, hot or cold drinks, incubation for nesting birds etc in any part of the world without the need of main power. I combined my 24 years of engineering design & 40 years of medical passion, to invent, design and manufacture a light weight, multifunctional Eco cabinet with 18 unique features.

This invention related to a multifunctional Solar - Wind Eco Powered Outdoor Temperature Controlled Cabinet, with Interior Secured Individual Sections and stands. Though not limited for securing storing, defibrillators and lifesaving Medication, this Cabinet can be utilised for holding anything else also at a maintained temperature. This secured compartment can also be retrofitted to most existing Cabinets on the market. The temperature is maintained at the required temperature , allowing items such as life save medication such as Aspirin and Epi Pen, trauma dressings/ foil blanket, Pedestrian counters, drinks, incubation for nesting birds etc to be securely stored in one of the Individual compartment without a main power supply. This Cabinet with the aid of Solar /Wind and Insulation ensures a maintained temperature of your choice, without the need of power from the main grid. It can come with a stand capable of holding the cabinet in locations where there are no structures present such as Beach’s, Greenways, Mountains etc. All edges have curved sides to help prevent injury. All Parts of this unit are weatherproof against all conditions, allowing this unique cabinet to be installed in any part of the world